Diamond wheels
Diamond wheels

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Roy Diamonds

ROY is a company dedicated for over 50 years,
for the manufacture of superabrasive wheels, diamond and boron nitride,
for the metalworking industry.

Depending on the binder employed to hold the abrasive particle, we can differentiate our four product ranges.

Diamond wheel resin finish
Diamond wheels metallic finish
Hybrid finishing diamond wheels
Diamond wheels electroplated finish


More binder is used in the manufacture of superabrasive wheels due to its characteristics, which combine different advantages.


The metallic wheels have a higher hardness and wear resistance than the resin; but have less capacity and cutting temperature generated.


This type of binder manages to combine the advantages of resin wheels and metal wheels.


By binder is meant electrodeposited layer formed by the electrodeposition baths of nickel, to crimp the abrasive to a metal surface.

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As of June 2, we will be at the BEMH. Hope to see you and introduce you the latest in diamond wheels.
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